Revalpha 319Y-4HS

Revalpha 319Y-4HS

Heat Release Tape - Single Sided

150 Degree Release

Adhesion Level 5.6

300mm x 300mm Sheets

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SKU 26155-300mm


  • Adhesive strength becomes almost ‘zero’ by heating
  • Can be removed easily without damaging substrates
  • Provides high processing accuracy
  • Heating treatment after processing facilitates substrate release, increases workability and helps process automation and labor saving.
  • Rolls, Labelers and sheets available


  • Release Liner – approx 0.038mm
  • Foaming Adhesive – approx 0.048mm
  • Polyester Film – approx 0.100mm
  • Base Adhesive – approx 0.010mm
  • Release Liner – approx 0.075mm

    Foaming adhesive can be foamed by rapidly heating to between 150°C and 170°C and easy to release (160°C*1 min is standard)

    Base Adhesive does not need additional heating.

    Note:  Both sides of tape has a liner, the thinner liner side has the foaming adhesive.


  • For chip transfer
  • Temporary fix during dicing procedure
  • Temporary fix to prevent misalignment of substrates

General Properties

Item Unit Value
Total thickness (not including liner) mm 0.158
Adhesive strength of foaming adhesive surface - Normal condition N/20mm 5.6
Adhesive strength of foaming adhesive surface - after foaming N/20mm 0.02
Adhesive strength of base adhesive surface N/20mm 0.8

Adhesive strength Substrate:  PET film

Measurement method:  Apply to a PET film at room temperature, for after foaming adhesion, apply after heating to 100 deg C for 1 min)

Peeling speed:  300mm/min  Peeling angle:  180 degrees

  • Note: Above mentioned values are not the guaranteed performance




  • How to Laminate: 
    • When laminating, do not let air bubbles in. Use a rubber roll or a press to laminate evenly.
  • How to Heat:
    • An air oven or a hot plate may be used to heat.
    • To make a release process more efficient, heat the foaming adhesive promptly to the adequate temperature then stop heating right after foaming.
    • If heating is insufficient, the adhesive does not foam fully and the release function may not work.
    • Over heating damages the foaming agents and may cause re-adhesion
  • How to Clean:
    • If residue remains on the substrate surface after release, clean with acetone or toluene.
  • Storage:
    • Since REVALPHA is affected by heat, it must be stored as follows:
    • Temperature must not exceed 60 degrees C.
    • If storing for a long period of time (more than one month), please store at lower than 40 deg C, preferably in a dark cool place.
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