Buying Cheap Land and Acreage in Nevada


With so many States and Countries in financial turmoil, many people are asking, "where should I invest my money?" Buying cheap land-acreage in Nevada, or other states for that matter, may be one of the safest and best investments you can make.

When you purchase stocks, bonds, gold or silver, you as an individual, have no control of the companies or market values. Basically you purchase the stocks, bonds, gold or silver and hope that it goes up in value. If the companies you have purchased stocks or bonds in fall on hard times, as many have today, your investment can decrease in value, or if they go bankrupt you will probably lose your entire investment. The worthless stock certificates can be framed and used as artwork if you are not too devastated over the loss.

Fifty years ago people could purchase Cheap Land and Acreage or stock in companies that were thought of as great investments. Today many of those companies are no longer in existence, but every piece of land and acreage that was around 50 years ago is still here today.

Gold recently rose sharply in value, but then fell sharply the other day by $125.00 per ounce. Silver has also experienced some good gains, but then saw its highest decline since 1987 of 18%, in just one day. For the price of about 11 ounces of gold you could own 40 acres in Nevada or for about 7.5 ounces of gold you could own 40 acres in Wyoming.

Buying cheap land and acreage in Nevada, Wyoming, Texas or other western states can have several advantages that other investments just don't offer. You are probably asking; "why would I buy real estate in today's market?" Everyone knows the housing market is down tremendously, especially in Nevada. It is true that housing and other Real Estate has seen considerable declines in value, especially in the populated urban areas. What you do not find are reports about the values of cheap land and acreage in Nevada and other states. What most people don't know is that many people are still buying cheap land and acreage. Why are people doing this? 1.) It is an investment that they control 2.) Land is used as a hedge against inflation 3.) Land offers a place to escape from the Large Cities 4.) The property taxes are generally low 5.) There is a limited supply of Land and Acreage. As our population increases, so should the demand for Land and Acreage 6.) It can not be destroyed by fire, stolen or mismanaged 7.) It can usually be leveraged with a minimal down payment and reasonable monthly payments. Paying for the property over a period of time means you will probably be using dollars that continue to be worth less than they are today.

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