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  • How to Buy Government Land

    History shows us that land will continue to increase in value, if it is held long enough. As our population expands the demand for land should also...
  • Buying Cheap Land and Acreage in Nevada


    With so many States and Countries in financial turmoil, many people are asking, "where should I invest my money?" Buying cheap land-acreage in Nevada, or other states for that matter, may be one of the safest and best investments you can make.

  • "Checkerboarded Lands"? Did you wonder what it meant?

    Checkerboarded Lands AKA: Bureau of Land Management Lands - What Does it Mean? Have you ever heard the term, "Checkerboarded Lands"? Did you wonder...
  • Nevada Land and Acreage For Sale


    Considering the vastness of Nevada while driving through the state, or viewing it on a map, it is difficult to comprehend that a mere 11.5% of the state is privately owned. At, we fortunately own a small portion of Nevada's land and acreage and are offering it for sale to the public. We offer a low price per acre (from $200.00 per acre), low down payments, owner financing and No Qualifying loans